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About Us

We are a Father and Son Team. Join us on our Journey to different cities and countries as we trade the Financial Markets.

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Meet The Pilot Traders

David Story

David Story

The Jefe

Professional Pilot, Entrepreneur and Trade/Educator

David Story is the founder and CEO of Majestic Peak Trading LLC an Educational Trading Platform, Utah Airways LLC a Charter, Maintenance and flight school company

In 1994 David Started his first business KOOL Cleaning a Hotel Carpet Cleaning Business in Europe. ln 2005, David began trading futures, Commodities and options through a commitment to education, discipline and patience; he became a successful, self-made trader. David began developing his own trading methodology and In 2008, his vision became a reality as he launched Majestic Peak Trading, a comprehensive trade management solution available to futures traders at

This system is designed to generate modest, but regular, returns and lock-in profits on a daily and weekly basis, creating the potential for substantial long-term gains. In sum, the Majestic Peak system helps traders hit a lot of singles rather than swing for the fences and therefore greatly decreasing their risk of striking out.

Prior to his trading career, David is a successful entrepreneur and professional pilot. David has founded successful companies in the technology, financial, services and aviation industries.

David served in the United States Marine Corps from 1990 until 1994 and served during operation restore hope in Somalia, he was honorably discharged. David lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife of 22 years and their five children.

Francisco Story

Francisco Story

The Apprentice

Pilot, Trader and Mechanical Engineer Student

Francisco Story is David’s first born child, at 21 years Francisco has received his pilot’s license and his series 3 license. Francisco is also a student at Utah State University studying Mechanical Engineering. Francisco Passion and love for flying and the Financial Markets stilled in him at an early age by his father David, has driven him to undertake this exciting new project of Flying and Trading all over the world with his father.